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What to Expect From the International Schools of Bangkok

When you come to Bangkok and need to choose a school for your child there are so many choices and you will be overwhelmed.  However, doing your research beforehand along with your diligence when you arrive is the best way you can ease your mind and come up with the best choice for your young pupil when choosing, especially when choosing a Bangkok international school.  There are so many options of great schools within the bustling vastness of the city, you will certainly have your hands full.  However, this is a good problem to have and you can assure your chil


Awesome Opportunities in Doing Business in Thailand

Are you looking for an ideal place to start up your business? Well, you better choose Thailand. It is known for rich culture and history. But did you know that there are lots of opportunities you may enjoy when you start a business in this country?

The following are some of the awesome opportunities in doing a business in Thailand:


Homely Serviced Apartment Sukhumvit

There is not a shortage of serviced apartments in Bangkok and that’s because there are plenty of business travellers, immigrants, tourists and ex pats who need a home-from-home place and at the same time being close to the city. Some of these places come with all the amenities of top class hotels, and yet they offer something more with the comforts of home-living included.


How to Enjoy Sihanoukville Nightlife

If you are looking for some cheap and cold beer accompanied with a hot and sexy girl, Sihanoukville is the place to be. Over the past few years, Sihanoukville has become the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia, backpackers from all over the world come to see the charming beaches and also enjoy the vibrant Sihanoukville nightlife.



The Rise Of Medical Tourism In Thailand

The fact that cosmetic surgery in Thailand for example has exploded in popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise. Medical tourism is big business in the modern era; not least because of the incredible savings it is possible to make. Thailand is one of the most visited medical tourism hotspots not only for this reason however; its surgeons and clinics are comparable to what is available in the United States and Europe so why pay more when you can get a holiday added in?


Travel Articles

Look for the bargins to do with cheap travel 
You may have found the most informative help regarding cheap travel. When you're after better-quality information on cheap travel, you'll find it's complex separating quality information from inexpert cheap travel suggestions and help so it's prudent to know how to judge the information you are p. . .


Travel Agent Jobs Overview

For people who are fond of traveling to different places, visiting marvelous beaches, and taking a trip to the most exotic island paradise, the job of a travel agent seems to be a far better job than anything else. 

However, some people contend that the viability of a travel agent being a lucrative work has lessened due to the emergence of the Internet.

Nowadays, people can easily plan their vacation trips, acquire their tickets, and make their own plans and reservation through the Internet. 


Seasickness Prevention and Remedy

Motion sickness is common to almost everybody. It is usually frequent to those who travel a lot, whether by land, air, or sea. The different forms of motion sickness are based on the kind of transportation that they employ.

One of the most common kinds of motion sickness is the seasickness. It is usually characterized by a sensation of nausea and vertigo.


How to Deal with Airsickness

Even in the olden times, the problem of motion sickness had been prevalent. In fact, it was even referred to as “camel sickness” in the Bible, where the camel riders experience nausea due to moderate swaying. 

With the advent of technology, motion sickness has evolved into many forms such as seasickness, carsickness, space motion sickness, and airsickness; and the reason why more and more people are now traveling by air is because of its capacity to transport people faster. 


Jetlag Symptoms and Remedies

People who travel a lot experience jetlag. Athletes, who travel to different countries for their tournaments, attribute their poor performance on jetlag. Business people, who go to various places for business meetings and other matters, hold jetlag as responsible for their bad days. This goes to show that jetlag affects not only the physical condition of the body but the entire individual.



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