How to Enjoy Sihanoukville Nightlife

If you are looking for some cheap and cold beer accompanied with a hot and sexy girl, Sihanoukville is the place to be. Over the past few years, Sihanoukville has become the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia, backpackers from all over the world come to see the charming beaches and also enjoy the vibrant Sihanoukville nightlife.


During the day you can go visit those historical places, enjoy the beauty of those tropical islands, eat plenty of seafood, participate in some healthy and fun water sports activities, or simply relax and take some sunbath on those white sandy beaches, while at night you can get dressed and hit those Sihanoukville bars, pubs, discos, restaurants, and clubs to enjoy special drinks, plenty of cheap beer, live music, BBQ, and company of some beautiful ladies.


As soon as the sun goes down which is usually around 6 pm, the fun and party lovers start to assemble at different places. The most popular spots for such assemblies are the Ochheuteal and Serendipity beaches with beach parties continuing into the early morning. You will be able to find all sorts of things happening on these beaches that contribute to a vivacious Sihanoukville nightlife. Small bars, clubs, and pubs along the beaches provide a constant supply of cheap local as well as international beer to fuel the beach dance parties. Some of these Sihanoukville bars also offer a wide range of local as well as international cuisines to satisfy your late-night hunger and keep you pumped up throughout the night. Whether you are in the mode to rely on some appetizers or you want to enjoy a full meal, you can find pizzas, salads, BBQ items, seafood, and traditional Khmer as well as international cuisines at a very reasonable price. 


Utopia and the Monkey Republic are the two most popular Sihanoukville bars where a lot of international tourists gather at night and party. If you are in search of some good company, you need to make sure to visit these bars/clubs. Besides the regular happy hours for cheap beer, delicious food, poolside parties, electrifying music, there is a lot offered in these night clubs to make your night worth remembering.


If you are not in a mode to party a night long and you rather prefer to try your luck and make win some money instead, you can always go to a Casino. There are plenty of decent full-service casinos that stay opened throughout the day and at night. You can also enjoy cheap local beer and play a pool table or try your favorite casino game. Try your luck in one of these full-service casinos and if you get lucky you can extend your stay on this beautiful beach resort.


Although there is plenty to do to explore Sihanoukville nightlife, but you need to be careful not to walk alone in Sihanoukville dark areas, it is not considered safe, especially if you are drunk. It is better to hire a taxi or Tuk-Tuk and head back to your hotel to enjoy a good nap.


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